Cash Is Literally Becoming Useless

The US dollar will implode in a matter of years.

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas recently held up a banknote and said: "This thing is literally useless... it's only good for toilet paper."

Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins, and because of this, it will protect investors against inflation. Many of us have been critical of central banks for increasing the amount of money by printing it, and we have shown that consumers are only going to see their spending power erode further .

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) don't help heir case - with the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve drawing up plans to build digital pounds and dollars . Most Bitcoiners hate these proposals, and suggest they have the potential to be even worse than cash. Mr Salinas suggested CBDCs could give banks complete control - and even stop people from buying stuff or staying out past 4am.

"They think it's a good idea? They limit your capacity to spend your money. They'll be tracking 100% of your spending - what you spent, and where you spent it," he warned.

That's why we believe so much in "orange pilling" - the term that's used to describe encouraging people to buy Bitcoin. And we argue that most critics of Bitcoin come from a position of financial privilege - AND live in progressive economies with free speech and stable countries.

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